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i'm leaving on a jet plane... (II)

It's official. Less than one week before I come home! (six days to be precise.) And as much as I know I will miss France once I'm gone, I'm pretty ready to get back and see people and get a real job. I've applied for four so far, lab tech positions at Fred Hutch and UW, and some entry-level environmental microbiology position. No word back yet (it's been one day, to be precise,) but that hasn't stopped me from Ctl-R-ing my inbox obsessively.

Waiting. Waiting. Why is that when you wait for something, the closer it gets the more unbearable the waiting becomes, and not vice versa? I hate to wait.

In other news, visited Amsterdam, and it's a very lovely city. Saw the Anne Frank house (you can walk all through the hiding place) and the Van Gogh museum, then spent the rest of the time just wandering about and admiring the tulips.

Really not much more to say than that. I rode on a motorcycle, and drove it about a foot on my own before I dropped the clutch. I learned the rules to a so-complicated-it-could-only-be French card game, Tarot. I'm almost out of instant coffee, and conflicted as whether on not I should buy more given that I'm only going to leave. Probably will give in and buy some. Now isn't the time to try and kick a habit, anyway :) My bags are packed, I'm ready to go. Going to Paris tomorrow to see the Louvre one last time, and hopefully to see the Opera Garnier for the first time. This weekend might see the Picardie beach, and then it's off to CDG.

Welcome to SeaTac International Airport...

I'll miss the people I met here, the places I've seen, the foot I've ate (? eaten? done et up?), but man that's going to be good to hear!

Now to go hassle the bank about my final paycheck.

and you thought remembering where you parked your car was difficult!